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School Councils are governed by Regulations 612 and 613. Regulation 612 outlines the roles, responsibilities, and the processes for school councils. Regulation 613 outlines the responsibilty of the principal in supporting school councils. Please review the Summary of School Council Regulations #612, #613 (2001).

The regulations contain very clear guidelines with regard to school council elections. Principals are reminded that elections are to be held during the first 30 days of the school year. Written notice of school council elections must be communicated to parents at least 14 days before the election. Notice of the election must be posted in an accessible location in the school. All schools are encouraged to host elections regardless of the number of parents/guardians who will be participating. Additional information about school council elections can be accessed by opening the attached document or by contacting the Parent and Community Engagement Office at
SAC executive committee nomination form.docx

Excellent news Parkdale!

Parkdale Collegiate is now a PLATINUM ECOSCHOOL! Thanks to everyone for making this possible. Some strengths noted from our Final EcoSchools Platinum Audit Report include, "the large amound of students and clubs that are part of the Ecoteam", and "fostering student leadership." Our collaboration with Heydon Park S.S. and Parkdale Jr P.S. was an important idea exchange and earned our application many points. It was also noted that our participation in Sweater Day, as well as our energy conservation efforts by checking lights, blinds and vents and other greening initiatives from the Horticulture programme and the Ecoclub were "impressive."

While we celebrate our successes, we can continue to be even greener. Some key steps that we need to work on, according to our Ecoschools Auditor include reducing paper consumption and "making use of the school grounds... for new learning opportunities".

Great work PCI!

Parkdale C.I. grade 12 International Baccalaureate student Jaimie Adams has won "Write Across Ontario"!

 “Write Across Ontario” is an IFOA creative writing competition open to middle grade and high school students across the province. Students write a story using the story-starter provided for their age group by one of four well-known authors. The story is used as a place for students to begin their story, but where the story goes from there is in the hands of each individual.
One winner is chosen from each age group. Winners receive $500 and the opportunity to have their work published online in the Open Book Magazine.
Jaimie was interviewed by the CBC’s Matt Galloway on 16 December, 2013. You can listen to the interview here:CBC Interview



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