Now Offering Thematic Visits!

We, at the Sheldon Centre for Outdoor Education, are encouraging teachers to choose a theme for their visit. When choosing a theme, please consider your curricular and non-curricular goals for the trip, the season and the needs of your individual students. 
Please read the thematic descriptions below for an overview of each theme. Although there are many program options available within each theme, Sheldon staff will work with the key contact teacher ahead of the trip to ensure program needs will be met.

1. Adventure 

(How can we challenge ourselves physically and mentally in the outdoors?)
While they actively explore the Sheldon environment students will be encouraged to move outside their comfort zone through a variety of challenging activities. 

2. Biodiversity

(What are the characteristics of living things and how are they connected?)
Students will participate in a set of programs to investigate the characteristics of living things and how these living things are connected in the Sheldon environment.

3. Community Building

(How do various groups of people get along as a community?)
Students will explore how various groups of people have interacted with each other throughout time.

4. Indigenous Ways of Knowing 

(How did/do indigenous people learn about the world around them in the past and in the present?)
Students will be involved in programs that encourage investigation into the environment from an Indigenous perspective.

5. Well Being

(How do we use the outdoors to stay healthy and be well?)
Students will be immersed in the outdoor environment and will be challenged to examine how the natural world can help people reduce stress and remain healthy.