Teacher Information Package

Visiting Teacher Package

  1. sheldon slideshow includes information about the centre for caregivers and students
  2. sheldon centre tour
  3. sheldon video

  4. frequently asked questions 
  5. student forms
    • sample parent letter 
    • packing list
    • teacher forms
      six weeks prior to your trip a sheldon staff will send a google doc link to the key contact from your school. all of the necessary group lists and planning information will be contained within this document.
  6. sample daily schedule
  7. dressing for the weather
  8. pest management (ticks, bedbugs, mosquitoes)


as a visiting teacher, please print, photocopy and bring the journals for your students should you decide that journals are an evening activity in which you would like students to participate. 

english version

 french version

pre-trip and post trip lesson plans

flight:                pre-trip activity: constructing pop bottle rockets
biodiversity:       pre-trip activity: "bee" ready to go to the sheldon bee yard 
                         the sheldon honey bees powerpoint presentation

ecoschools lessons

we encourage teachers to continue utilizing the outdoors as a classroom upon their return from sheldon. get outside lessons are a great resource when looking for ideas on how to use the school yard and local community as a classroom.

comparing waste diversion programs
animal adaptations
local sugar