Department Videos 2023-24

Departmental Videos

In addition to the live Zoom meeting, parents/guardians are invited to check out our departmental videos for more information about our programs.  



Assistant Curriculum Leader

URL to Video

The Arts

Mina Mahmoudi

Biotechnology SHSM

Cora Burt

Business/Business SHSM

Michael Canzi


CO-OP- Experiential Learning & Career Studies

Ali Meilach

Information & ComputerTechnology/ICT SHSM

Dave St. Pierre

English/English Language Learners and Cross-Curricular Literacy

Steffany Young

Student Support, Wellbeing & Student Success & Equity

Tara Breeze & Daniel Chan

Canadian World, First Nations, Metis & Indigenous Studies (History /Geography/Social Sciences)

Pat Dean

21st Century Learning Commons & Resources

Mike Stevens

Mathematics & Cross-Curricular Numeracy

Calvin Lim & Susanna Ching

Modern & Classical Languages

Anoja Thanaraja


Will Snodgrass

Phys Ed & Athletics

Brad Barker

Science & STEM

Cora Burt & Alan Tang


Special Education

Sean Matheson