English and ESL


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  English ENL1W
  Literacy Skills: Reading and Writing   ELS2O1/8    
  Understanding Contemporary 

  First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Voices



  Presentation and Speaking Skills     EPS3O1/8  
  Media Studies     EMS3O1  
  The Writer's Craft       EWC4U1



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English as Second Language







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Department Policies and Expectations

1. Success in the English classroom is dependent on class attendance. Students are expected to attend all classes on time, with all required materials. Success is also dependent on reading outside of the classroom. Students are expected to read required texts during their independent time. 

2. As part of our commitment to becoming an eco-friendly department we are reducing the amount of paper waste produced in our classrooms. Student resources will primarily be made available in digital formats. Paper resources can be provided upon request or based on student need. Students are responsible for any electronics brought to class and should use all technology in a manner that is appropriate for their task. They should also adhere to the TDSB’s Online Code of Conduct found in the student agenda.

3. Meeting assignment deadlines is a necessary part of progressing through an English course. Late assignments are discouraged and will only be accepted up to one week after the official deadline. Students are responsible for speaking to their teacher prior to missing a deadline. Alternate deadlines may be provided on a one-to-one basis, on consultation with the teacher. 

4. Test and presentation dates are final. Students are responsible for contacting their teacher prior to a test or presentation if there are any concerns. Students who miss a test or presentation should provide documentation from a doctor, parent or guardian upon return to class. Any missed tests or presentations with proper documentation will be rescheduled or substituted with the teacher’s discretion. 

5. All written assignments will be run through Turnitin.com upon submission to Google Classroom or Brightspace for plagiarism and AI detection. Any submissions unable to be submitted to Turnitin.com may result in a grade of 0%. Any submissions that are flagged by Turnitin.com may be subject to further review by a member of staff. 

6. Academy honesty is required from all students within the English department. All work submitted by students must demonstrate the student’s own skills. Students should not submit work that has been created by other people, that has been altered by a translator, or that is written in conjunction with A. I. technology. Students are required to use proper MLA citations for all secondary sources. Any suspicions of academic dishonesty are subject to further review by a member of staff. Plagiarism of any aspect of an assignment will result in a variety of consequences, including a possible grade of 0% on the assignment.

7. Culminating project checkpoints and deadlines are final. Students are expected to adhere to these deadlines unless documentation is provided and consultation with the teacher has occurred. Failure to submit all parts of a project or to meet the deadline may result in a grade of 0%. 

8. Exam schedules are final. Students will not be allowed to write an exam outside of the scheduled exam period. Missed exams will result in a mark of 0 unless proper documentation is provided to the teacher or to an administrator within 24 hours of the exam. tions across the entirety of the course will not be granted a credit.

9. Credit rescue opportunities are not mandatory and are at the discretion of the individual teacher. Completing credit rescue does not guarantee that a credit will be granted. Students who do not demonstrate learning and understanding of the curriculum expectations across the entirety of the course will not be granted a credit.

Excellence Awards

The requirements for the English Excellence Award include: 

1. a mark of at least 85% in ENG3U/NBE3U and ENG4U taken at A. Y. Jackson;

2. a mark of at least 90% in EWC4U taken at A. Y. Jackson;

3. at least 1 year of participation in AYJ's Book Club, Writer's Club or the Jackson Times.

If you would like to be considered for this award, please submit your application here