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AYJ Special Education 2023-2024

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Special Education @ AY JACKSON

2023-24 Special Education Slidedeck

AY Jackson proudly supports our Special Education learners through our Resource Program and our Gifted ISP. Annually, students with an IEP have access to many supports and programs that not only assist with the student’s academic well-being, but also their social-emotional wellness.

GLE – is an elective course which is offered each semester at AYJ.In GLE, students earn a credit through meeting curriculum expectations which include post secondary planning, goal setting, study habits & study skill etc. all the while receiving support daily for their other subject course work.

Resource Room – is a dedicated classroom at AYJ where students can receive very specific accommodations in a quiet space. Available accommodations through the Resource Room include additional time for evaluations, quiet/alternate work space, assistive technology, and extra help with course work. In-class Accommodations – All students with an IEP are provided the accommodations outlined on their IEP by all of their subject teachers. We ask that students directly advocate with their teaching staff if an accommodation needs to be added or intensified to a larger degree.

Educational Assistant Support – At AYJ, our Educational Assistant provides academic support for our students with an IEP both in the Resource Room and through the In-Class setting.

Child & Youth Worker Support – At AYJ, our Child & Youth Worker assists students in developing strategies to overcome both their academic & social emotional difficulties.

Child & Youth Counsellor Support – At AYJ, our Child & Youth Counsellor provides more intensive 1 to 1 counselling for students who require a more comprehensive approach to their overall needs.

Remedial ‘Before School’ Support – From 8:30am to 9:00am daily, the Resource Room is available for academic support through our Educational Assistant.

Lunch-time Resource Drop-In Hub – Both our CYW & CYC have created a lunch time safe space where students can enjoy their lunch and enjoy conversation with others. Both the CYW & CYC will also use this Hub to run programming which is beneficial to all students. Students can join in Rm. 201 daily.

ISP Gifted Program

The Gifted Intensive Support Program (ISP) is open to students with a Gifted designation who live primarily in the AYJ catchment area. AYJ offers courses in core subject areas, including English, History, Geography, Math, Science and French. Gifted classes at AYJ are self-contained and the curriculum is accommodated to meet the learning needs of gifted students. Course delivery is differentiated by depth & breadth and Gifted teaching staff explore an array of teaching methods to provide extensions to the curriculum. 

Please Note:

***AY Jackson does not have any input into the placement of students into their Gifted Program. This placement process takes place in the student’s Middle School at the Placement meeting which includes School-based Staff and TDSB Special Education Consultants.

Special Education

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