Grade 8 Info & Optional Attendance

Grade 8 Information Evening 2023-24

A.Y. Jackson SS will be hosting an in-person information session for grade 8 students and their families to learn more about our school and programs.

Date & Time:  Thursday, November 30, 2023 @ 6:30 pm 

Grade 8 OpenHouse Flyer

AYJ Departmental/Program Videos

In addition to the in-person event, parents/guardians are invited to check out our departmental videos for more information about our various programs. 

Flyer and more details to follow.

Departmental Videos

Parents/guardians are invited to check out our departmental videos for more information about our programs.


Assistant Curriculum Leader

URL to Video

The Arts

Mina Mahmoudi

Biotechnology SHSM


Business SHSM

Michael Canzi

Experiential Learning & Career Studies

Ali Meilach

Information & ComputerTechnology/ICT SHSM

Dave St. Pierre

English/ English Language Learners and Cross-curricular literacy

Steffany Young

Student Support, Wellbeing & Student Success & Equity

Tara Breeze & Daniel Chan

Canadian, World, First Nations, Metis & Indigenous Studies

Pat Dean

21st Century Learning Commons & Resources

Mike Stevens


Calvin Lim & Susanna Ching

Social Sciences, Humanities, Family Studies, Modern and Classical Languages

Anoja Thanaraja

Music & Cross-curricular numeracy

Will Snodgrass

Phys Ed & Athletics

Brad Barker

Science & STEM

Cora Burt & Alan Tang


Special Education

Sean Matheson

2022-2023 Optional Attendance Guidelines

Unfortunately, we were deemed CLOSED to the Out of Area Application process so they will NOT allow us to consider ANY out-of-area SIBLINGS nor any out-of-area cohort members from your grade 8 classes.

Our OPEN HOUSE will be an exercise to ensure those from within our catchment area are motivated to stay in their address pathway and NOT opt for other programs and/or schools.