Grade 8 Info & Optional Attendance

Grade 8 Information Evening 2022-23

A.Y. Jackson SS will be hosting an in-person information session for grade 8 students and their families to learn more about our school and programs.

Date & Time:  Thursday, November 30, 2022 @ 6:30 pm 

AYJ Departmental/Program Videos

In addition to the in-person event, parents/guardians are invited to check out our departmental videos for more information about our various programs. 

2.2022 Grade 8 Open House

Departmental Videos

Parents/guardians are invited to check out our departmental videos for more information about our programs.


Assistant Curriculum Leader

URL to Video

The Arts

Rebecca Friedman

Biotechnology SHSM

Laila Hassan

Business/Business     SHSM

Ali Meilach


Ali Meilach

Computers & Technology/ICT SHSM

Dave St. Pierre


Steffany Young

Guidance & Student Success

Tara Breeze & Matt Stevens

HIS/GEO/Social Sciences

Maria Melessanakis

Library/Literacy/ ESL

Mike Stevens


Calvin Lim & Susanna Ching

Modern Languages

Anoja Thanaraja


Will Snodgrass

Phys Ed & Athletics

Brad Barker


Cora Burt & Laila Hassam


Special Education

Sean Matheson

2022-2023 Optional Attendance Guidelines

Unfortunately, we were deemed CLOSED to the Out of Area Application process so they will NOT allow us to consider ANY out-of-area SIBLINGS nor any out-of-area cohort members from your grade 8 classes.

Our OPEN HOUSE will be an exercise to ensure those from within our catchment area are motivated to stay in their address pathway and NOT opt for other programs and/or schools.