Enriched Program

Excellence Program at A.Y. Jackson S.S !


Students can apply to participate in an Excellence Program at A.Y. Jackson S.S. An Excellence Program is offered in the areas of study listed below.

After being admitted to the Excellence Program, students who fulfill the necessary criteria have the opportunity to obtain an Excellence Certificate when they graduate. This certificate is a formal recognition of a student’s outstanding achievement over the years in her/his involvement at A.Y. Jackson S.S., as well as a reward for being an active participant in our school’s community. The students are awarded their Excellence Certificates at a special ceremony during the school year.


Areas of Study:


To earn an Excellence Certificate in an area of study, the student must meet the following Two Conditions:

  1. All courses pertaining to the Excellence Certificate must be completed at A.Y. Jackson.
  2. A student needs to fulfill the enrichment criteria in only one of the areas of study stated above.

A student may achieve an Excellence Certificate in more than one area of study.

Excellence Certificate Application