Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement


Advanced Placement (AP) is a program run by the College Board in the United States and offers a standardized advanced curriculum.

There are differences between AP Courses and AP Exams.  They are connected, but different and distinct.

AP is NOT an Optional Attendance program for students outside of AY Jackson's area.

AP Courses are only offered in Grade 12.  The course code ends in a zero (e.g. SBI4U0).  

These courses are designed to cover the regular high school curriculum, as well as part of the first-year university curriculum, and prepare students better for the AP Exam.

These courses may help with applications to American or international universities because they know what to expect from the AP curriculum.  

Enriched courses are offered in some subjects in grade 10 and 11, and may help prepare for AP courses as well.  These course codes end in a 3 (e.g. MCR3U3 or AVI2O3).

Enriched and AP courses may be taken by any student who has the pre-requisite courses; there are no applications or cut-off marks to get in, but students should know the material is harder and the pace is faster.


AP Exams can be taken by any high school student and don't require you to take an AP course; you can self-study as well.  


You can take any exam you want if you register properly and pay for it, even if AY doesn't offer the course in that subject.

AP Exams are normally purchased in early November, with a late ordering period in early March (with a late fee), and students sit their exams in May.  

Information on how to register and pay will be posted and available for students in late October and late February each year.


AP Exams are what some universities use to determine if they will grant you advanced standing in a subject.  Though many Canadian universities don't use them at all.


AP Exams generally do not impact university applications in Ontario at all, though universities outside Ontario are allowed to make their own rules on admissions practices and they may help.


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