Credit Recovery and Credit Rescue

Credit Rescue & Credit Recovery

Credit Rescue – Teachers offer an opportunity for a student to complete missed or incomplete assignments in order to “rescue” a credit that may be at risk before the course ends.  Some days may be designated as Credit Rescue days, which are specifically for this purpose. 

Credit Recovery – This is a Student Success initiative which enables students to earn a credit after an unsuccessful attempt without repeating the entire course. Credit recovery focuses on the failed course’s overall expectations.

The Toronto District School Board identifies Grade 9 and 10 students as the highest priority for Credit Recovery.  Credit Recovery focuses not on time, but on what overall expectations the student must attain before earning the credit.

The selection process is based on past student achievement, attendance patterns, overall credit accumulation, and some restrictions based on qualifications of credit recovery teachers.

Credit Recovery is offered at AY Jackson (usually in Semester 2) and in Night School and Summer School (most years).

TDSB’s information on Credit recovery is here: