Back to School: Supporting Transitions and Re-engagement


Classes begin at 8:50 AM.  

Students should arrive at school by 8:40 AM with their Daily Health Screening completed.


COVID Student Screening Questionnaire

COVID Student Screening Questionnaire p2


We look forward to seeing our learners back in school!

Our school day begins at 8:50 am, and ends at 2:54 pm.

Masks are mandatory for everyone--students and staff-- while inside the building and when people can not maintain a safe social distance (2m).  Students will also need to wear a mask when in line, waiting to enter the school.

There is no cafeteria service available until further notice.  Students are asked to pack a litterless lunch, which will be eaten in their classrooms.  Please also bring a refillable water bottle each day.

All students should be prepared to go outside regularly throughout the school day.

COVID-19 Vaccine for ages 12-17 Poster

Covid Vac for Youth 12+

Vaccine Consent


For additional vaccine information, see:

City of Toronto: COVID-19 Vaccine Resources

City of Toronto: COVID-19 Information (Translations)

Frequently Asked Questions about the COVID-19 Vaccine for Youth (Age 12 to 17)

Toronto Public Health Vaccine Confidence - The COVID-19 Vaccine for Students age 12-17


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Lunch Hour  

I am just so sorry to tell you that due to COVID-19 the Beverley Heights M.S. cafeteria is not allowed to open. That means that it is super important that kids come to school with a full individually packed lunch. We expect students staying at school during the lunch hour. If you need to make special provisions for your child to leave, please speak directly with your child’s teacher. Every once in a while that morning rush prevents a child from packing a lunch. We have all been there!! This, on occasion, leads to a delivery service like Uber Eats arriving with lunch for the child. We are not allowed to accept any deliveries like this. This board protocol is another measure to keep our bubble as contained as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

Health and Safety!!  It is the responsibility of school staff to ensure the safety of all. Every morning before entry, each person (staff, student and visitors) will be screened before entering. Anyone with any symptoms will be required to go home. We will have to ask you to pick your child up, it is not advisable for us to send them on the transit. 

WE need your help!! You are being asked to screen your child every day before they leave for school. If they answer yes to any of the screening questions please keep them home until they are better.

We understand the burden that this places on our families and communities. That being said, we are under very stringent protocol to ensure that we are keeping everyone safe by screening and sending home any students or staff with symptoms.

Please ensure that we have a current phone number and emergency contact on file so that we may contact you if necessary.



Wearing Masks!!They are mandatory inside all of TDSB buildings. This is something that we simply have to enforce. We will be in our masks all day long, we will certainly build in extra outside breaks, but inside, we have no choice. Please have conversations at home about the importance of us all doing our part to squash this virus. We keep each other safe by keeping ourselves safe.

Establishing School Entry Procedures:  It is a bit of a tradition that grade 6 parents support their kids as they enter Middle School for the first time by accompanying them into the school on the first day. I am afraid that this year we are going to have to ask you to kiss them good bye at the sidewalk, this will help us to control the physical distancing as we prepare the kids to line up with their classes.

Lining up is not a routine that our grade 7 and 8 students are used to. We appreciate families having discussions about the importance of supporting our safe entry procedures.


Visiting the School: We love to welcome our parents and families into Beverley Heights. Sometimes the spontaneous visits are the best!! It is often during these visits that we get to meet grandma, or baby brother and these are the visits that make us feel like a community family. We will have to remove the spontaneity for now, not forever, but for now. If you have to visit the school, please call your child’s teacher or the office and we will set up an appointment. Limiting visitors to the school is an extra measure to keep exposure down and your children safe.

Dressing for the Weather: As we will spend the majority of our days in one classroom and wearing masks we will want to maximize our outdoor time. Please ensure that your child comes dressed for the weather so that mildly inclement conditions do not keep us from going outside.



Lockers:Please note that at this time we are mandated to NOT use school lockers. As such, we highly recommend that you work with your child to only bring the absolute essentials for their day of learning. Too many extra items will lead to very cluttered classrooms and social distancing will be difficult.


10 Ways to Greet from 6 Feet


Welcome to BHMS

Canadian Native Flag

We acknowledge we are hosted on the lands of the Mississaugas of the Anishinaabe, the Haudenosaunee Confederacy and the Wendat. We also recognise the enduring presence of all First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples.


Black Ribbon  We stand in support of racial equality, and all those in search of it. 

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Virtual Library BLM

 Virtual Library BLM


Diverse Book Collection

Virtual Library - Diverse Book Collection

Pride Collection

Virtual Library - Pride Book Collection


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Fire Safety

Fire Safety at Home

Toronto Fire Services would like to encourage families that, during these times at home, there is not better time to create and practise a home escape plan and to test all smoke alarms in the home.

Information from Toronto Fire Services can be found at Fire Safety Information .   

This important information covers Home Escape Planning, High-Rise Fire Safety, Cooking and Smoking Tips as well as an Emergency Preparedness Guide. All of this information is available in multiple languages. 

Don't Wait, Check the Date

Every Second Counts!  Plan Two Ways Out!

Cooking Fires



FREE Docs for Schools at Home

Beverley Heights Middle School has been a long standing and proud participant in Docs for Schools - and with school closures, films are being offered FREE online. 

Why not take some time as a family to watch the world unfold around you! 

As always, we recommend that you pre-screen films to ensure they are just right for your children.   

Visit Docs for Schools at Home for a full listing of the films presently on offer.




All TDSB Staff and Students have access to the Read and Write suite for all browsers and on any device. Read and Write is a text to Speech application that will read text aloud. Please find all required information on TDSB Assistive Technology


If you require any support with the devices that you have/will receive please see how to access IT services below.

Receiving tech support! All families who are receiving devices can access tech support if required. If you are having any problems with your device or accessing TDSB programs or platforms, please connect directly with our tech support