Special Education "Gifted" at Birchmount Park CI.


Birchmount Park added a Gifted program in the 2016-2017 school year, as part of the TDSB expansion of the number of schools across the city offering this program pathway.

We are currently in our fifth year of Gifted @ BPCI! Students will be offered placements through the IPRC process. Gifted program placements are linked to home address and school program boundaries. 
Map of Gifted Boundaries


Special Education Gifted Programming Provides:


  • enhanced breadth and depth of curriculum delivery at each grade level
  • programming to meet the individual learning needs of students as outlined in the IEP


The GIFTED @ Birchmount Park C.I. features: 


  • Depth and breadth of curriculum delivery to meet the learning needs of students.
  • Focus on the development of critical thinking skills.
  • The development of inquiry and research skills
  • Interdisciplinary learning that assists students in making connections between different subject areas
  • Enriched learning opportunites - field trips and guest speakers 
  • Active, participatory learning environments with a varied pace of curriculum delivery
  • Social Justice and Global Educations themes across the curriculum
  • Challenging learning tasks that engage students and assist them in the development of the requisite knowledge and skills for success now and in the future
  • Use of current computer technology and media
  • Student interests and student voice 
  • Embracing intellectual curiosity in pursuit of multiple solutions to problems
  • Student leadership in the classroom as well as the in the whole school community
  • SIXERS - multigrade social group


BPCI Gifted Program Pathway - check out the Course Chart on the website


  • Grade 9    CGC1D6; ENG1D6; MPM1D6; SNC1D6
  • Grade 10  CHC2D6; ENG2D6; MPM2D6; SNC2D6
  • Grade 11  ENG3U6; MCRU6
  • Grade 12  ENG4U6; Second course to be determined (MHF4U6)

General Learning Strategies (GLE) is offered at each grade level to support students individual learning needs as outlined in their IEP.