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Developmental Disabilities: Our program for students with Developmental Disabilities includes three self-contained classes with alternative programs, staffed by four Special Education Teachers, four Educational Assistants, one Special Needs Assistant and three noon assistants. Curriculum covers Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Phys. Ed., and Life Skills, including leisure activities, cooking, shopping, and a Co-op program.


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Gifted Program
The Gifted Program offers courses in core subject areas, including English, History, Geography, Math, Science and French. Gifted classes at BPCI are self-contained and the curriculum is accommodated to meet the learning needs of gifted students. Course delivery is differentiated by breadth in that the content explores broad-based themes, and by depth and pace of topics. Inquiry-based learning organized around essential questions is a general focus of the program.

Physical Program
Students with physical disabilities are fully integrated into the school community with support from the PH Program. Accommodations for physical needs (i.e. alternative seating, transportation, personal needs) and educational needs (i.e. scribe, additional time, assistive technology) are provided based on the strengths and needs of the individual student. Students in the PH Program have access to a resource room that is fully adapted to their needs and is staffed by a Special Education Resource Teacher. Students may also receive one-on-one support in the classroom provided by Educational Assistants.

Resource Room Support
BPCI offers resource room support for all students with an IEP(Individual Education Plan).

Read and Write Gold Software
Key Features of Read and Write Gold:

  • Speech feedback in a document or website
  • Research tools and graphic organizer
  • Word prediction and homonym organizer
  • Talking dictionary and phonetic spell checker
  • Audio file creation
  • French translator
  • Standard and scientific calculator
  • Scanning capabilities

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There is no longer a need for a username or password for all TDSB students.

You can access the Read and Write software at home through your TDSB account when using Google Chrome.