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How to Log-In or Manage your Password

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Logging into  

Returning TDSB students 
Your password is still the same.  If you forgotten your password, you can use the Password Manager. 

New Students to the TDSB or Returning Students greater than 1 calendar year away from a TDSB school.
Your current password is:

Username:  Student ID number. 
Password:  Type in the following:  ####DDMM@Tdsb
#### = Last four digits of student number, 2 digit of date of birth, 2 digits of month of birth, @Tdsb

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 Click Here to watch a Video on how to use Password Manager

What is Password Manager?

  • A simple, secure, self-service web application that enables end users to reset their forgotten network password.
  • Users connect to Password Manager browsing to or by clicking on the Forgot my Password link from a TDSB desktop, via the Windows login page or online from the Academic Workspace ( login page click on Forgot your password? Upon launching the application, users are prompted to answer a series of questions for which they have previously selected their secret answers.
  • The Questions and Answers system validates the identity of the user. The following applies to the 5 question and answer security questions:
    • Answers are not case-sensitive
    • Special Characters are allowed
    • All answers must be different from one another
    • All answers must be a minimum 1 character in length
    • 5 questions/answers are required to register with Password Manager
    • Answers will be hidden when typed out
  • Users must register their answers with Password Manager first, before they can use this self-service functionality.

What can Password Manager do?

Password Manager can be used to do the following functions:

  • Unlock account instantly
  • Reset password
  • Change password
  • Configure/update security questions and answers

How can set up my Security Questions for the first time?

  • Simple, watch this short video then log into with your Staff or Student Number, entered the Captcha Code, Select the My Questions and Answers Profile, enter another Captcha Code and your current known password (not your secret shared password). Now enter your five security questions. (You will not be able to set up your security questions unless you are currently active within the school board and know your current password which is not at your secret shared password.)