General Alert
The Government of Ontario announced that all schools in the province, including those at the TDSB, will be moving to remote learning following the April break.
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March 12th Update

Dear Bowmore families. 

The warmer weather this week has brought a renewed sense of optimism to our students and staff. Getting outside is important for the mental health and well being of all of us, particularly our children. The spring weather provides an opportunity to remind our students of the importance of continuing our COVID-19 safety protocols, including distancing, hand hygiene, and wearing a mask, even outside when distancing is difficult. Rates of transmission are low in the Bowmore community, and we all need to continue to play a preventative role to ensure these rates remain low. 

Screening Tool Changes

To help keep schools safe be sure you are familiar with the changes to the COVID-19 screening questionnaire for students JK to Grade 12. These changes came into effect in mid-February. Specifically, students cannot attend school:

  • If they or anyone in their household has COVID-19 symptoms;
  • If they or anyone in their household is a close contact of a positive case; or
  • If they or anyone in their household has travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days.

For more information please visit: Toronto Public Health's information for Parents and Caregivers.

Students Going Home for Lunch

While we encourage all students to stay at school for the duration of the school day, a number of students at Bowmore have parental permission to go home for lunch. If your child goes home for lunch, please remind them not to congregate with friends, and not to go to stores in the area. These activities increases their chance of exposure to the virus, and pose an unnecessary health risk to others in their class and at the school. Thank you for discussing this with your child. 

March “Fake”…. A week of Fun! 

March Break may have been postponed, but Bowmore staff have organized a week of fun called March 'Fake'! There will be different activities every day so be sure to check the March 'Fake' schedule for more details

International Day of Pink - April 14th

Bowmore Staff are planning on some activities that surround the International Day of Pink and, 'we urge people around the world to put on a pink shirt and stand in solidarity with the 2SLGBTQIA+ community to continue fighting for equality and acceptance.'

We are going to be selling pink shirts from their organization. See attached logo... "A Pink Shirt is Not Going to Stop Hate but I Can". They come in youth and adult sizes and we will sell them for 10.00$ each. (We are hoping to sell 150 of them to be able to get them at that cost). Please check your email for a message about this from Bowmore's cashless system, School Cash Online. This will be the only way to order and pay for the shirts this year. The actual International day is April 14th but since that is during our new break we will be honouring it on Friday, April 9th. We will be selling shirts all of next week until March 19th.

Parenting in the Pandemic: Keeping it Real

Join TDSB school social worker Zenobia Homavazir for an online drop in session on Friday March 26th from 12:00 to 12:45pm. Lunch time chats are offered monthly. This online chat will focus on providing parents and caregivers a space to discuss the ups and downs of parenting during a pandemic. This month we will be sharing tips and ideas on how to support your kids in school, manage difficult behaviour and get through lockdown with kids. Please pre-register by using this link

Looking to access mental health supports for your child? The TDSB Professional Support Services is hosting virtual drop ins Tuesdays from 10-11am and Thursdays from 7-8pm. Connect with TDSB staff to explore ideas regarding your child’s mental health and well being. Access to the drop in can be found here:

HPE @ Bowmore - Updates for March

Build Confidence by Reviewing and Practising Skills

We encourage families to take some time during each week to review and practise skills that are essential in performing a variety of physical activities.  Here are some resources to refer to so that you can build from as they are also introduced and practiced as much as possible during PE classes at school -

Monthly Wellness Focus

Check out this month's fun Healthy Habit Challenge for students and families to minimize screen time and find alternative activities to stay active, engaged and healthy!  During this time, there may be a tendency in spending more time in front of a screen.  The challenge encourages you to be mindful of this and offers some fun suggestions! -

February 23rd Update

Dear Bowmore families, 

We have a number of important updates to share with you, including an important and educational two-part webinar organized by the Equity and Social Justice Committee of Bowmore’s School Council. 

Black History in Canada and the anti-Black Historical Roots in Education

Please join the Bowmore School Council Equity and Social Justice Committee in their upcoming two-part webinar presented by Dr. Elaine Brown Spencer. 

This session will provide a historical overview of Black history in Canada and the anti-Black historical roots in education. It will be a reflective discussion for parents, educators and community members to enhance understanding of the pervasive limitations that are imposed on Black students within Toronto's educational system and a call for success for all students through addressing systemic barriers and practices within schooling.

Week 1 (March 3, 7-830pm): Black History in Canada - what you were not taught

Week 2 (March 10, 7-830pm): Uncovering the bias and systemic barriers facing black youth.  Embracing a new paradigm: Success without limits

Register here:

International Day of Pink

Tomorrow is Pink Shirt Day. While some classes observe this day, all classes at Bowmore will be celebrating the related International Day of Pink on Wednesday, April 14th. 

International Day of Pink is a day when schools across the country take a stand against bullying, discrimination, homophobia and transphobia. While this work is being done throughout the school year, in classrooms, through the work of the Student Voice team, and, significantly, in the work done by Bowmore’s QSA, International Day of Pink is an opportunity to celebrate as a school community. We will share more information closer to the April 14th date. In the meantime, your child is welcome to wear pink to school tomorrow, and any day of the week! 

Parenting through COVID: Mental Health and Well-being during the pandemic  

Join TDSB school social worker Zenobia Homavazir for a virtual drop in session on Thursday February 25th from 12 to 12:45pm. This lunchtime chat will focus on providing parents and caregivers a space to discuss the ups and downs of parenting during a pandemic. Please pre-register by using this link

Virtual Drop-in Hours with TDSB’s Professional Support Services

Virtual Drop-In Hours

Learn more about these TDSB sessions here -

Traffic Safety at Pick up and Drop-off

We continue to see vehicles parking illegally on Bowmore Road during the morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up. Some of these vehicles are parked in front of driveways, while others are parked facing the wrong direction on Bowmore Road. Parking enforcement comes by periodically to monitor and ticket, but we are relying on the community to do the right thing. For the safety of all members in our community, we ask that parents respectfully obey all traffic laws and parking by-laws when dropping off and picking up their children. There is ample parking, before and after school, in designated parking zones on Bowmore Road and Wrenson. Please remember that the parking lot is for staff only. 

HPE @ Bowmore Updates for February

SELF-LOVE allows us to love and care for others. Here are some suggestions for promoting a healthy sense of self that encourages students to treat themselves lovingly.

Monthly Wellness Focus

Check out this month's fun Healthy Habit Challenge for students and families! SLEEP! Creating or strengthening our sleeping habits to get enough quality is definitely an example of Self Love!  

The month's Character Trait is ‘Fairness’.

  -- Mr. Overby