Platinum EcoSchools Certification

Our EcoSchools Committee, made up of students, teachers, and parents, leads all of Cedarvale's environmental initiatives. Every year since 2013, we have received the highest level awarded by the TDSB EcoSchools Program: Platinum Eco Certification.

The EcoSchools Committee holds a variety of events throughout the year including a movie night, used clothing drive, container gardens, a used toy and book exchange, and an EcOlympics Day for students. The team also organizes school and community participation in World Water Day, Earth Hour, Earth Day, and Ride Your Bike to School Day. 

Cedarvale's EcoSchools Committee encourages all families to pack 100% Litterless Lunches and snacks every day to reduce waste. Everyone should bring reusable water bottles to school, and can fill up at our Water Refill Station on the main floor.

The Eco Team would also like to remind everyone to walk or ride to school whenever possible, and if you drive, don't idle!