Safe Arrival Program



The safety and security of each child is paramount. We have a Safe Arrival Program at Cedarvale and would request your assistance in the following procedure:

If your child will be absent from school:

  1. phone the school between 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. the day before and let the office staff know that your child will be absent the next day,
  2. phone the school during non-business hours, and leave the following information on the answering machine:
    • your child's name
    • your child's grade and room number
    • your child's teacher's name
    • the date of your child's absence


When a student has to leave the school during the instructional day, the parent/guardian must send a note with the child indicating what time the child is to be dismissed and the reason for the dismissal. The student will give the note to the classroom teacher at the beginning of the day and the student will be escorted to the office at the appropriate time to await their parent/guardian. Please go to the office and we will call up to the classroom for your child to come to the office to meet you. The student must be signed out at the office by the parent/guardian when they leave the school. If the student is returning to the school that same day, he/she is to sign back in at the office.

In case of sickness or injury, the office staff will try to contact the parent/guardian and ask that arrangements be made to pick the child up from the school. Under no circumstance will a child be sent home unattended. If a child is in need of immediate medical attention, the Principal or designate will take the child to the hospital. The parent/guardian will be informed as to which hospital the child has been taken and the parent/guardian will be expected to proceed to that location.


A telephone is located in the main office for student use. Students may only use the phone with permission from the office staff. Arrangements for visiting a friend's home at lunchtime and/or after school should be made from home prior to the day of the visit. The office staff will not facilitate last minute arrangements through phone calls or emails.