Welcome to the Davisville PS Website

We remind our School Community to review the information on the TDSB Website for further details, resources and information regarding both In-Person and Virtual Schools. As we look forward to the start of the school year, our School Staff is excited about welcoming back our students and families!

  • We sincerely hope that our Students and Families are continuing to be safe and are well, as our School Staff continue preparations to ensure the health and safety of all Students and Staff
  • TDSB and our School Staff are working hard to implement the health and safety processes necessary to make our schools as safe as possible for Students, Staff and Families – the Health and Well-Being of all in our School Community remains our top priority
  • As public educators, as always, we are also committed to providing the best academic experience possible for our Students
  • We will continue to focus on the health and safety of our Students and Staff, as well as supporting Mental Health and Well-Being as we consider the needs of those within our School Community
  • While we know this school year may look and feel a bit different in our School, our School Staff is here to support Students and Families in any way we can – we are looking forward to a great year of Teaching and Learning together!


Davisville & SpectrumPlease go to "Davisville: The New Build" tab to preview the following new additions:

May 11/21 Davisville Jr PS & Spectrum Alternative Sr PS Virtual Community Presentation

May 11/21 Video Tour of Davisville Jr PS & Spectrum Alternative Sr PS

May 11/21 Q & A of Davisville Jr PS & Spectrum Alternative Sr PS Virtual Community Meeting 

If you are looking to register your child for Kindergarten, please view the following TDSB weblink: