How to start the registration process?


NEW!  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Please CALL 416-395-3192 ext 20040, and our guidance secretary will help you arrange a registration appointment and support you with the registration process.


  1. If you are currently a student in a Canadian school, you may contact the Guidance secretary at (416) 395-3192, x 20040 to start the registration process.  Due to COVID-19, the registration process could be partially or full remote.
  2. If you are a newcomer to Canada wishing to enter Don Mills CI please contact the Georges Vanier Newcomer Reception Centre at (416) 395-9440 for an appointment. Students usually spend a full day in the reception centre, involved in activities designed to assess individual students' educational backgrounds, levels of proficiency in English and Mathematics, learning styles, strengths and needs. You will be instructed to contact the Guidance office of the school assigned to your home address to arrange a registration appointment.


What you need to register?

Students from schools in Ontario:

1. Proof of residency in the Don Mills C.I. area: (2 pieces)

(a) Rental agreement (b) Purchase agreement (c) Utility bill (d) Bank statement (e) any other government issued mail 

2. Personal identification:

- Birth certificate, Passport, Canadian citizenship. Permanent Resident Card (PR card)

3. Your most recent Report Card

4. A current Transcript or Credit Counselling Summary (translated into English)

5. If identified "exceptional," your most recent IEP (Individual Education Plan)

6. Immunization records


Students from schools outside Ontario:  In addition to 1-6, please bring the following:

7. Assessment from a TDSB Reception Centre


Optional Attendance

Students who do not live in the Don Mills CI area but are interested in attending can apply to DMCI through optional attendance. To discover if you are in the DMCI school area, please use FIND MY SCHOOL to discover your home school.  The deadline to apply for optional attendance is January 22, 2022.  Optional attendance forms can be picked up at your current TDSB school or you can download the  form here:  OPTIONAL ATTENDANCE FORM

For more information about optional attendance please visit: TDSB Optional Attendance site 


The CyberArts program at DMCI is an optional attendance program and also conducts interviews for this specialized program.  Further information about the CyberArts program can also be obtained in guidance.  Stop by student services at your convenience for more info.