Principal's Message

September, 2016

Dear Givins / Shaw Parents and Guardians:

It is true that first impressions have a lasting effect. I was informed in June that I would become the Principal at Givins / Shaw PS for this school year. I had been at my previous school, Dublin Heights, for six wonderful years and as much as I knew I would miss so many of the students, families, and staff, I was also excited about the opportunity to move to a new location and neighbourhood. However, whether you are coming to school for your first day in Junior Kindergarten, or as its principal, there is always that bit of trepidation mixed in with the other emotions. Just like the students, you wonder what the children, staff, and families are going to be like and how you will fit into the mix. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for leaving such a positive first impression on me and making my transition to Givins Shaw so effortless. Everyone has been incredibly welcoming and I can tell from the energy in our halls, and the families I have met,  just how fortunate the students are to come to such an inclusive school, with a dedicated staff, in such a vibrant community.

September is an exciting time at any school and in particular at Givins / Shaw. For those of you who, like me, will be enjoying your first year at our school, we welcome you and hope that you and your family will fully partake in all that Givins / Shaw has to offer. I look forward to meeting more of you at our upcoming morning coffee welcome sessions from 8:00 – 8:45 a.m. that the School Council is hosting. These informal gatherings will take place on September 15 (Kindergarten parents in the outdoor classroom courtyard), September 16 (Grade 1 and 2 parents in the gym), and September 19 (Grades 3 – 6 parents in the library). We hope you can make it to one of these sessions and if I don’t get a chance to meet you at those times I hope to see you at the first Council meeting on September 20 at 6:15 p.m. or on the Curriculum Night/Fall BBQ on September 28 at 6:00 p.m. 

You will notice that improving lines of communication between the school and community will be a recurring theme throughout the year. During the summer, I have met with members of the staff and the Council as we have been preparing to make modes of communication between the school and our families more efficient and current. We have a twitter account, “@GivinsShaw”, that we encourage you to follow for updates. More importantly, however, you will also see our school's website has already been changed in order to better meet the needs of our neighbourhood and school.

Our website will be our primary form of communication with our community. On our website you will find a link to the school calendar which will list all the upcoming school events. You will also find information from the Council and other pertinent Givins / Shaw documents. The content for our website will continue to evolve as the year progresses. We would welcome any input you have regarding how to improve upon the communication between our school and its families as we know that connection is integral for the students’ success and the school’s environment overall.

I look forward to a great year at Givins Shaw and thank you again for making me immediately feel like a Bulldog.

Dan Taylor -- Principal

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