Council Meeting Minutes 


The Class Parent Representative is a liaison between the School Council, the parents and guardians, and the classroom teacher. Their role is to support and promote communication between these groups, and aid in building community both within the classroom families, and in the greater school community.

In order for the Class Representative to obtain a full email list they will need your email address. Please see the list below and email your rep and your child’s name so they can check it off against the class list. 

As always, if any parents have concerns about the teachers, classroom, curriculum or other students this should be addressed directly with the teacher or the Principal, Dan Taylor.

1 Annie Eskandar Lorraine Trecroce
2 Caroline Garcia Leah Pritchett
5 Maja Nikolic Ashley Wright  
6/7 Rachael Chang Dana Kerimoglu
9 Adam Smith Kathy Mile
10 Jessica Halton Sarah Torbey
15 Caryn Baker Cadence Candeloro
17 Antra Brammanis Silvia Rebelo
12 Trevor Lightbody Lilly Speedie-Court
8 Marsha Metter Natalie Dennis
4 Max Evans Irem Lutz
11 Sandra Di Zio Penny del Moral
16 Alison Robb Dale McIntosh
13 Daniel Salerno Myf Marshall