Technology Update for September 2018 –

In February of 2017 a group of parents met to discuss technology and together we were able to unpack the school’s vision, which includes the responsible, collaborative and creative use of technology.  The purpose of the discussion was to deepen the understanding of digital fluency by exploring examples happening at the school, and to see the opportunities that are available for your child and you in the future.

Technology in the hands of passionate, engaged and responsible educators has the potential to provide a rich and deep experience in the classroom for students, parents and the broader community. Our students can demonstrate their learning in different ways through the digital media platforms; parents can be connected to the experiences of their child through apps; and students can connect with other students from around the world.

With all of the excitement, and potential, we must not lose sight of the fact that at the heart of great education is the relationship between teacher and student. With this technology vision, and with your support, we can provide additional tools that will deepen the learning experience, and, enhance the relationship that your child has with their learning.

School Council is committed to supporting this technology fundraising initiative while also continuing to support other program areas such as the arts, music, athletics and extra-curricular events. To kick things off we invite you to read the budget below and instructions on how you can make a difference and help us achieve our goal.

With thanks and appreciation,

Dale McIntosh and Kim MacFarlane

Co-Chairs, Givins Shaw School Council

Item Inventory and cost per unit
Ipad Air 2 – 32 GB memory 10 per class - $5730 (for 10 pack) – 4 classrooms to go ($22,920)
Dewey Document Camera Stand – allows for the ipad to become a document camera 1 per classroom - $83 – 10 classrooms to go ($830)
‘Grips’ for each ipad 10 per class - $41.98 x 10 = $419.80 – 10 sets to go ($4198)
Storage carts (tech tubs) for ipads for security and recharging 1 tech tub holds 5 ipads = $242 Each class would need 2 = $484 - 10 classes to go ($4840)
Total cost for the 4 remaining classes $32,788.00
Estimated Total Cost + repairs, miscellaneous, buffer $38,000.00
  • All prices as per TDSB purchasing catalogue – 2017

Thanks to many families we have already reached many milestones; all teachers have their own iPad, Apple TV and projector and most of the classrooms have the 10 iPads/accessories that have been requested.Once the remaining four classrooms are outfitted Mr. Taylor will look at the French, music and Library spaces.)Our appreciation to those families is great and we hope that more will participate in 2018 – 2019.Remember – tax receipts will be issued and you can give more than once. If you have any questions you can ask Suzie in the office or email and we can either answer you or direct you to the right place.Please note that Principal Dan Taylor is always available to elaborate on the technology vision, execution plan, evaluation or demonstrations.