Our school recently created a native conifer forest in our kindergarten play area, made possible by LIVE GREEN TORONTO and TOYOTA EVERGREEN LEARNING GROUNDS Grants, and surplus TDSB FDK funds.  We planted native species (Tamarack, Eastern Hemlock, Eastern White Pine, Eastern White Cedar, Balsam Fir, and White Spruce).

Our youngest students can now experience the different qualities of these once prominent conifers.  Children will make signs to identify species.  Tree tours will further their knowledge and encourage the children to compare cones, needle shapes, smells , and bark texture.  

Historical contributions of these trees (such as the Eastern White Cedar curing Jacque Cartier’s crew of scurvy with the help of the Iroquois people) will be highlighted.  By observing the rare Tamarack trees over all four seasons, our students will see their needles turning yellow and falling in autumn, and growing back in the spring.  

Our school is within 5 km of the north shore of Lake Ontario.  This is a crucial migration path for birds.  Due to the dense urban environment of Toronto, migrating birds are losing important habitats that provide shelter on their journey north.  The Pine Warbler, Yellow-rumped Warbler, Black- throated Green Warbler, Pine Siskin, Red-breasted Nuthatch, and Northern Goshawk all seek protection from the elements and predators in these native conifers.  The White Spruce also provides food for these birds.  

We hope that, by bringing our students closer to these natural wonders, they will discover their own intrinsic connection to them and have a life long respect for nature. 

We look forward engaging the surrounding community as our students enjoy and learn in this beautiful space.

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