Nutrition at Givins/Shaw

The Givins/Shaw Nutrition Committee is committed to providing students with a daily, healthy, nutrient-rich morning snack so that our students are ready to learn and participate. We are committed to building healthy eating habits in our school community.

How does the program work?

Each morning, a blue bin is distributed to each classroom containing a healthy, low-sugar morning snack of fruit or vegetable and a grain* for each child. Often children are assigned to collect the classrooms snack bin each day.

* Grains are omitted from blue bins if classroom has children facing grain allergies. The grains are instead distributed to the children during the morning recess.

** How and when the bin snacks are provided each morning are up to the discretion of each individual teacher and can vary classroom-to-classroom.

How are dairy products distributed to the children?

To mitigate dairy allergies, milk/yogurt/cheese items are not distributed within the bins and instead are handed out individually to the children during the morning recess. Any child who wishes to receive a milk and/or dairy related item waits in line at the gymnasium.

What does my child get each morning from the snack program?

Snack menus vary day-to-day but will include the following items:

  1. A vegetable or a fruit
  2. A grain (whole wheat / low sugar items)
  3. A dairy product (milk, yogurt or cheese)

2018-2019 Snack Menu Examples:

 Red Pepper
 Granola Bar

For our full monthly snack menu please see our Givins/Shaw Snack Calendar.


Please reach out to the co-ordinator of our Nutrition Committee  for 2018-2019:  Shannon Groulx