General Information:

  • Junior grades (4- 6). (Exception: Cross Country.  See below)
  • Tryouts for all teams. (Exception: Cross Country.  See below)
  • Sign-Up: Students must sign up for tryouts. Sign-up sheets are posted on the bulletin board outside the gym.
    Students must listen to announcements which are made throughout the sign-up week.
  • Tryouts and Practices take place before and after school hours.
  • Participation Forms: Parents must sign permission forms.

2018 - 2019

Here are the sports teams that will be offered at Givins/Shaw for the fall and winter terms and which teams invite parent coaches. If you are interested in coaching please contact with Ms. Karen Grasman

Cross Country Team  

Girls' Soccer Team 

Boys' Soccer Team 

Girls' Basketball Team 

Boys' Volleyball Team  

Girls' Volleyball Team  

Boys' Basketball Team  



Ultimate Frisbee

Track & Field

Intramurals/House Leagues at Givins/Shaw: we plan to set up Primary Soccer games as we have in the past at lunch time in February until March Break.

Sowers and Growers (K - grade 3) Spring - Summer

The Givins Shaw Sowers and Growers sow, from seed, fruits, vegetables and native plants for installation in the school Vegetable Beds and Native Plants and Butterfly Garden. Children spend their lunch hour learning how to create a small, local food economy from scratch. They study the importance of native habitat restoration, especially in urban areas. Lessons in urban agriculture take place in the classroom, on the school grounds and at the green house in Trinity Bellwoods Park. Similarly, our study of native plants begins in the classroom and moves outward to the schoolyard and into Trinity Bellwoods.  

Activities range from making native seed balls to throw in the park; to growing sprouts, herbs and cat grass to take home; to cultivating from seed rare varieties of Canadian tomatoes in an effort to protect species diversity. Each child has an opportunity to design and tend their own square foot of vegetable bed within the larger community garden. A rotating volunteer schedule is set up to care for the vegetable beds and native plants garden in summer. Part of the harvest is used for fundraising to support the Sower's and Growers Club next year.

Blue Spruce & Silver Birch