Lunch at Givins/Shaw Junior Public School is supervised by TDSB Lunchroom Staff. Students eat lunch in the gym or, weather permitting, in the yard. During inclement weather, students in the lunch program are supervised indoors.

Whenever possible, please send a “Litterless Lunch” —a reusable lunch bag, reusable cutlery, no individually wrapped items (yogurt, granola bars, juice boxes), a meal that doesn't produce any waste (e.g., if there are sandwich bags, these can be reused). Please do not send food that requires heating or cooking.

The following Lunchroom Expectations help ensure a safe, orderly environment: 

Showing respect for others 
Following the directions of, and listening to, lunch supervisors 
Remaining seated while eating lunch 
Cleaning up after yourself 
Walking in the lunch area
Asking for permission to leave the lunch area

Parents of students who do not, after repeated reminders, adhere to the above will be contacted and alternative eating arrangements will be made.

With parental permission, Grade 5 and 6 students can purchase/eat their lunch away from school. Students must sign out in the classroom. When returning to school, at 12:30 pm, they must go directly to the playground. Please discuss these procedures with your child.


Please be aware that we have some students with severe and life-threatening allergies to a variety of foods (among them are avocado, eggs, milk, nuts, and sesame). As a school community, we ask that, as much as possible, those foods be limited, especially in crumbly or otherwise easily spread forms. When you do pack a lunch with a known allergen, please remind your kids about the importance of keeping others safe by not sharing and through good hygiene practices (cleaning their hands and faces after eating).