During the 2020/21 school year, lunch will be different for Givins/Shaw students and staff. Our Grade 1 - 6 classes will be eating their lunches, under the supervision of their teachers, during instructional time, prior to our actual lunch break that starts at 11:10 and concludes at noon.

During that scheduled break, the teaching staff will be having their lunch break while the students will be supervised by lunch room supervisors.

To start the year, we are planning to have half of the classes go outside for the first half of the lunch, come back inside, and have the other half go outside. We are implementing this schedule in order to promote appropriate social distancing for the students and also to allow them a generous amount of space in which to play. As the year progresses, we will monitor this schedule and determine if it needs to be altered.

We ask that every student bring a lunch to school as we do not want students leaving the school's grounds.

Any family who requires a different accommodation for their child at lunch is asked to contact the school's office.

If your child is in kindergarten, members of the kindergarten team will contact you in order to go over details regarding lunch for kindergarten students.



Please be aware that we have some students with severe and life-threatening allergies to a variety of foods (among them are avocado, eggs, milk, nuts, and sesame). As a school community, we ask that, as much as possible, those foods be limited, especially in crumbly or otherwise easily spread forms. When you do pack a lunch with a known allergen, please remind your kids about the importance of keeping others safe by not sharing and through good hygiene practices (cleaning their hands and faces after eating).