Student Services / Counselling / Transcripts

Student Services / Counselling / Transcripts


The four priorities of Guidance at Harbord are as follows:

  1. career education programming and counselling that blends the development of life skills with concrete career information;
  2. preventative programs that identify students who need help and provision of  the appropriate support and assistance;
  3. personal counselling in collaboration with professionals affiliated with the school board or community agencies - psychologists, social workers (many ethnic groups), school nurse, etc.
  4. monitoring student progress (on an individual as well as a school-wide basis).

Guidance Counsellors - Each student is assigned a guidance counselor by the first letter of the student's last name.

  • Yuri  Narula, ACL (A - G) Tel: 416-393-1650 x 20042 Email:
  • Karla Faulconbridge (H - P) Tel: 416-393-1650 x 20041 Email:
  • James Steele (Q - Z)  Tel: 416-393-1650 x 20043 Email:

Continuing Education Secondary Credit Courses at night school and summer school

See your guidance regarding your (child's) eligibility to apply.  For information posted on the TDSB Continuing Education Office web page, see this link: Night School and Summer School

Transcripts / Student Records:

  • Current Harbord students and recent Harbord graduates who graduated from Harbord one (1) years or less may request for a transcript by contacting the Harbord Guidance Office.
  • Harbord graduates who graduated from Harbord over 12 months may contact the TDSB Central Transcript Office directly.  See the following web site for information and applicable charge.  Transcripts
  • Students who have registered at another secondary school may contact the TDSB Central Transcript Office or the last school attended after leaving Harbord.

TDSB Central Transcript Office / Webpage

140 Borough Drive, Level 3 
Scarborough ON M1P 4N6 
Phone: 416-396-4783
Fax: 416-396-6713


Students  in  their  first,  second  or  third  year  of high school are required to have a full timetable (8 courses).
Students in their fourth or fifth year at Harbord are allowed up to 2 spare periods as long as the courses taken will complete diploma requirements.

No student with fewer than 23 previously earned credits is eligible to request a timetable of fewer than eight subjects.  It is therefore requested that students select their courses carefully.  A student who drops a course in day school will not be eligible to take the same course at Night School.  The Principal of the Continuing Education Department of the Toronto District School Board determines the specific criteria for eligibility to apply for courses in Continuing Education.  This also applies to Virtual School courses.
Any student who is eligible to apply to drop a course must obtain an "Application for Change of Programme" in the Guidance Office and arrange an interview with his/her designated Guidance Counselor.  Consideration of the application is contingent upon evidence of regular attendance in the course prior to the date of application.
Any exceptions to this policy will be made by the Guidance Counsellor in consultation with the student, the Vice-Principal and parents (where appropriate).



All marks for grade 11 and 12 courses will appear on the student's Ontario Student Transcript.  If students do not want a mark to appear, then they must drop the course before the Full Disclosure Date.  See your child's student agenda for dates.  If special circumstances apply after this date, a percentage grade must still be recorded.

Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) Requirements

See this link for details: Getting Your Diploma


All students in Grade 10 are required to successfully complete the EQAO Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) as a graduation requirement.  Parents are encouraged to provide support for their student.  EQAO materials can be found at


Students are required to complete 40 hours of volunteer community service as an Ontario graduation requirement. It is the responsibility of the student and parent to arrange suitable and appropriate placements with not-for-profit organizations.  See page 2 of the 40 Hour Community Involvement Activity Form for general guidelines.  Click here to access a PDF copy of the 40 Hour Community Involvement Activity Form.

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