J B Tyrrell Senior Public School

J.B. Tyrrell is an amazing triple-track school with engaging programs in the Regular, Extended French, and Gifted programs.  Students learn and gain life skills in a supportive, safe, and nurturing environment.  

The staff at J.B. Tyrrell encourage students to focus on academics and develop their interests by becoming more involved within the school. During their grade 7 and 8 years at Tyrrell, students also work on the skills necessary to being responsible citizens in our society. Our programs support the development of self-esteem, respect for individuals, open communication, pride in the school, involvement & participation, accountability & responsibility, self-discipline, and personal goal setting. 

Our Mission Statement 

We, the staff of J.B. Tyrrell Senior Public School, are committed to supporting the academic, physical and social development of each student in our care.


Important Dates

May 13th - Track and Field Meet 

May 20th - Victoria Day

May 24 - Ultimate tournament

June 4 - North Conference Finals Track

June 7th - PA Day

June 10th - Ultimate North Conference Finals

June 11th - City Finals - Track

June 28th - Final day for the elementary school year