Parent Safety Program

Parent Safety Program

What is the  Parent Safety Program?

The Parent Safety Program (PSP) is a program run by parent volunteers, under the direction of a volunteer co-ordinator and the supervision of the Parking Enforcement Officers.  The motto of the program is  "Choose Safety Over Convenience".

Our goal is to provide for the safe arrival and departure of our school aged children and eliminate the hazardous road conditions in school areas.  The program also supports the established safety patrollers program by giving the children patrollers a feeling of security having adults placed in the immediate area.


Common Offences & Problems at Schools

  • Speeding
  • Illegal parking
  • Opening car doors into traffic
  • U-turns
  • 3 Point Turns
  • Parking near crosswalks and corners
  • Obstructing passing school buses
  • Jay walking

You Can Help

  • Obey all traffic and parking regulations
  • Be patient - allow extra time
  • Arrange carpools to reduce traffic at schools
  • Walk your child to school - park a block away and walk
  • Teach your child about traffic and pedestrian safety
  • Co-operate with PSP volunteers - they are there to help the children
  • Become a volunteer - 30 minutes each week will make a big difference

Designated Drop-Off

Parents, please use the designated drop-off zone in the parking lot off George Street when driving children to and from school.

We Need Your Help

Additional volunteers are always needed for our Parent Safety Program.  This requires a time commitment of only a half-hour once or twice a week.  The program helps to ensure the safety of all our students, whether they walk, are driven to school, or ride the bus.

To volunteer or for more information, please contact