Special Education

Special Education Support For Students

Students with exceptionalities at Ecole John English Junior Middle School are included and supported within our community.  Support for students is provided through a variety of strategies.  Some students may receive accommodations or modifications to their program based upon information contained in an Individual Education Plan (IEP).  Students may also receive support from our teachers based upon the level of need. 

Students receive support in three different categories; Resource, Home School Program (HSP), or Intensive Support Program (ISP).  The level of support that is provided to a student occurs as a result of decisions made in a School Support Team (SST) meeting or an Identification, Placement and Review Committee (IPRC) meeting.  These meetings consist of the student's parents, school representatives and board representatives.  These decisions are reviewed on a yearly basis to ensure student needs are being supported.


Students may receive support from a Resource teacher.  The support may be found working in a small group outside of the classroom or the teacher may provide support to the student in the classroom.  Resource support is typically provided for a period of 30 minutes at a time and occurs between once and three times a week.

Home School Program (HSP)

Students receiving the HSP level of support will participate in a smaller class for approximately 50% of the day.  The HSP teacher will focus on supporting student learning in Language and Mathematics.  Students will remain with their homeroom class as they learn the other subjects in the curriculum.

Intensive Support Program (ISP)

The ISP classes provide students with a higher level of support for most or all of the day.  The classes are smaller in size and provide for a greater level of interaction between the teacher and the student.

Special Education