Nutrition Programs

Nutrition Programs

Healthy Bites Hot Lunch Program

** URGENT** Volunteers Needed

About the Program

Healthy Bites is a nutritious, hot lunch program which is run by two coordinators (Lisa Truant-Tan and Jennifer Hara), along with volunteers, and assistance from Toronto Partners for Student Nutrition and Toronto Foundation for Student Success.
Lunches consist of a salad bar, with a minimum of 5 raw vegetables, a salad, and 3 types of raw fruit, as well as an entree which includes a choice of either animal or vegetarian protein and a source of whole grains.

The program begins on Monday, September 9, 201and will be offered every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for the 2019-2020 school year. The cost is either $33 per month (3 days, Tue/Wed/Thurs) or $44 per month (4 days, Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs), no adjustments and no refunds for missed lunches. There is no daily fee. All participating students must be registered. 
Only cash or cheque in full $330 (3 days/week) or $440 (4 days/week), or 10 post-dated cheques of either $33 or $44 each will be accepted. Payment must be submitted with the application by June 22nd. Cheques must be dated for either the 1’st or the 15’th of each month (to ensure timely deposits) and be made out to John English Healthy Bites. Participation to the program is for the entire school year.

(Please note that you will be charged $10 per NSF cheque. If more than two cheques are NSF, full cash payment will be requested.)

If you have any questions please contact:
Jennifer Hara, Program Co-ordinator, at