French as a Second Language

French and Latin

Bonjour & Salve,

We are proud to offer Classical and International languages at LP  --  3 levels of Latin and 4 grades of French in three streams --  Core French, Extended French and French Immersion.

Our Languages department is a vibrant faculty.  We have a lot of cultural events, for all of our language students regardless of the program, in and out of the classroom.  Each year, we have :

  • assemblies  (i.e.: Franco-African storytelling & percussionist, magician, motivational speaker, theatre & improv troupes, film screenings),
  • guest-speakers (i.e.:  First Nations francophone & skypes with authors),
  • conferences, contests, field trips (i.e.:  Etienne Brule, Theatre des Anciens, Cinefranco, Concours d'art oratoire, Concours de redaction, Concours de poesie, etc.) 
  • fun classroom opportunities (e.i.:  crêpes, fondues)
  • etc.

We also have & promote exchanges and trips:  Examples:

  • Long week-end trip to Montreal;
  • 10-day trip to Greece or Italy with Mr. Snider; every 3 years; (Latin; room 202);
  • 6-week summer work program through Explore;
  • 2-3 month exchanges to Europe through the ISE organisation.

Our Languages department consisting of 14 teachers (many of whom are either francophones or have native-like fluency), come from various parts of the French-speaking world (Ontario, Quebec, France, Africa).  They provide differentiated instruction and celebrate your children’s multiple intelligences with an inquiry-based approach as per the FSL Curriculum.

In the first weeks of the course your children will bring home a Course Outline for each of the courses on their timetable. These documents outline not only the content but also the various major assignments that they are sure to have during the year. These can also be found below.

Should your child experience any difficulties in French (or in a course delivered in French), students can of course have one-on-one time with their teacher but we also have a special French Homework Club called ETUDE. It runs two days per week at lunch in room 217 with French-speaking university students under the supervision of Madame Benais (ACL).


Core French students who complete the 4 years of French, will receive a Certificate of Achievement in Core French.

Latin students who complete the 3 levels, will receive a Certificate of Achievement in Classical Languages.

For the Extended and French Immersion programs, your children will obtain a Certificate of Bilingual Studies upon completion of their program package: 4321 for Immersion and 2221 for Extended French

In order to meet the program requirements and to improve their fluency, we strongly recommend that Immersion students take a minimum of 4 courses in in grade 9, 3 in grade 10, 2 in grade 11 and at least 1 in grade 12 and that Extended students take a minimum of 2 courses in grades 9 to 11 and 1 in grade 12.  

NOTE:  The 4 language courses are compulsory (FIF for Immersion and FEF for Extended) and these packages are designed to ensure that students acquire at least the minimum requirements for the Regular certificate. Students can of course take more than the minimum requirements if they wish to obtain the Honours certificate. 

 Choices of courses offered in French (in addition to the language courses) in various disciplines:  Geography, History, Physical Education, Visual Arts, Dramatic Arts, Business, Civics/Careers, Mathematics and Senior Social Sciences. 


Below you will find courses for French and Latin language courses offered at Lawrence Park Collegiate. Please contact the subject teachers for detailed information.  You may also wish to visit the other department pages to see which of their courses are offered in both of Canada's official languages.


Core French

  • FSF 1D1 --  Core French (Gr. 9)
  • FSF 1O1 --  Beginners French (Gr. 9)
  • FSF 2D1 --  Core French (Gr. 10)
  • FSF 3U1 --  Core French (Gr. 11)
  • FSF 4U1 --  Core French (Gr. 12)

Extended French (for students who have the Extended French pre-requisites)

  • FEF 1D4 --  Extended French (Gr. 9)
  • FEF 2D4 --  Extended French (Gr. 10)
  • FEF 3U4 --  Extended French (Gr. 11)
  • FEF 4U4 --  Extended French (Gr. 12)

French Immersion (for students who have the Immersion pre-requisites)

  • FIF 1D5 --  French Immersion (Gr. 9; Academic)
  • FIF 2D5 --  French Immersion (Gr. 10; Academic)
  • FIF 3U5 --  French Immersion (Gr. 11; Academic)
  • FIF 4U5 --  French Immersion (Gr. 12; Academic)
  • FIF 4O5 --  French Immersion (Gr. 12; Open) *                                                                                                                     *  NOTE:  this course also leads to a Certificate of Bilingual Studies in Immersion and allows                             students to remain in the Immersion program but as it is an Open course, it cannot be                                   used as one of the student's "Top 6" for university applications.

Latin & Classical Civilizations



  • LVLBD1 --  Latin (Level I);  students may take this Level I course in grade 9 or 10
  • LVLCU1 --  Latin (Level II);  students may take this course after completing Level I
  • LVLDU1 --  Latin (Level III);  students may take this course after completing Level II
  • NEW in 2022 ! --  Archeology (Gr. 12)

Latin book


ACL of Languages and EF/FI Programs                                                                                                   /  416-393-9500  ext. 20075

Courses taught in French                      (in addition to the language courses)


Email & Phone Extensions

French & Dramatic Arts

Mme Benais

M. Stamp / ext. 20075  / ext. 20105

French & Canadian & World Studies        (History/Geography & Civics/Career)


M. Alexanian

M. Christensen

M. Edelhofer

M. Jafri / ext. 20075 / ext. 20085 / ext. 20085   
                                     / ext. 20075

Physical Education

Mme Daigle

M. Wong / ext. 20031 / ext. 20030

Senior Social Sciences 

M. Dungca

M. Jafri / ext. 20075 / ext. 20075

Visual Arts

Mme Gauvin / ext. 20105


Mme Martins ext. 20075


Mme Lam

Mme Pena Perez / ext. 20075 / ext. ????


Mme Lam / ext.  ?????
Latin  Mr. Snider / ext. 20075