Student Forms

2020-2021 Online Permission Forms

To streamline processes, and reduce the consumption of paper, the TDSB has digitized the process of collecting permission forms related to:

  1. Student Media Release Consent
  2. Medical Information, and
  3. Code of Conduct Acknowledgement

It is important for parents to complete these forms online. Please click on the link below to complete your online forms.

Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Below please find a number of common and important forms along with a description of the form.

Extended Absence Form

The Extended Absence form is completed by students who will be away during school time for an extended period of time. It requires the student to inform their teachers and to receive instruction for possible missed assignments and tests. The form must be completed atleast 10 days prior to the first absence.

Over 18 Form

This form informs the parents of the status change of a student who has turned 18. Both parent and student are required to sign the form. 

Change of Address Form

This form is used whenever a student has changed contact information either for themselves or their parents/guardians. We ask student to fill out the form with the correct information and return it to the main office.

Field Trip Permission Form (511C)

This form is required for any student that is partaking in a school sanctioned field trip. Parental/Guardian permission is required for all students who are under 18. If the student has not completed this form before the field trip they will not be allowed to go.