TOPS - Talented Offerings For Programs In the Sciences

The TOPS Program, located at Marc Garneau Collegiate, is a special high school program for students interested in enrichment in the maths, sciences, and language arts. TOPS offers a strong leadership program and encourages students to reach their utmost ability.

TOPS has a special emphasis in math, science, and English. It has produced and will continue to produce many outstanding, successful graduates. TOPS students excel in their post-secondary studies and have often been the recipients of numerous scholarships and awards. For example, one such scholarship is the National Scholarship offered by the University of Toronto. Over the past fifteen years, this four-year scholarship has been awarded to nearly twenty TOPS students, more than any other school in Canada.

Students do not need to be recognized as “gifted” in order to enroll. TOPS students are highly motivated individuals with a broad range of interests. Students in the program are cored together for two-thirds of their classes over their 4 years of secondary education and benefit from being surrounded by individuals with interests and goals similar to their own. The course work is enriched through a variety of means, depending on the areas of knowledge and interest of the instructor.

Admissions and Eligibility: 

Please link directly to the TOPS website to learn about important dates, eligibility requirements and the selection process.