School Council

School Council

Student achievement increases when parents and guardians are engaged in all aspects of their child’s education. School Council provides an opportunity for parents, guardians and the community to get involved at Marc Garneau Collegiate. This partnership provides a setting for increased communication to share ideas and information, solicit feedback, raise concerns and receive responses.  Our School Council is an important forum for involving parents, families and the community in matters that affect the education of students.

All parents, guardians and community members are welcome to attend our School Council meetings. Parents and guardians are encouraged to become a member of our School Council Executive.  

Find out more about School Councils and their role in the TDSB:  

Link to the TDSB School Councils website to find out more about School Councils, policy, fundraising, and more.

The TDSB's Vision for Learning:

Download the TDSB's Vision for Learning to learn how the TDSB and schools are support our students with achievement, well-being and equity.  Or link directly to the TDSB's Vision for Learning webpage