Social Sciences, Humanities & Family Studies

Social Sciences & Humanities

The discipline of social sciences and humanities encompasses four subject areas: equity studies, general social sciences, philosophy, and world religions. Although these subject areas are very different from one another, they all systematically explore the ways in which individuals influence and are influenced by families, communities, cultures, institutions, and societies, and by ideas, norms, and values.

Students in social sciences and humanities develop a critical lens through which they can build their awareness of and make decisions with respect to critical issues in our increasingly complex, multifaceted, and diverse society.

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Family Studies

Family Studies is a multidisciplinary subject area that encompasses four areas:

  1. Fashion and Housing
  2. Food and Nutrition
  3. General Family Studies
  4. Raising & Caring for children.

The topics covered in these areas include, among others: textile production; the functions and design of clothing; the fashion industry; issues related to housing; interior design; the role of nutrition in health; the relationship between food and culture; human and family interactions and development; life management skills; various types of relationships; and considerations related to raising and caring for children.

All courses in family studies encourage students to develop critical and creative thinking skills. Students are given opportunities to deepen their understanding of relevant issues and to develop practical skills, including research and inquiry skills. Students are encouraged to explore a range of perspectives and approaches and to develop the habits of mind that enhance individual, family, and community well-being and contribute to lifelong learning.

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