Guidance & Student Services

The guidance and career education program consists of courses that are intended to help students develop learning and interpersonal skills and to enable them to explore careers and the pathways that lead to them.All students are encouraged to explore and assess their own strengths, needs, and interests and to investigate a broad range of opportunities as they pursue their educational pathways and prepare for postsecondary destinations.

Our Guidance Counsellors and Staff are always willing to support and assist students. Our counsellors and their direct extension are as follows:  

Grade Counsellor Extension
9 Zainab Jamal 20042
10 Sunita Bhowmik 20045
11 Christina Mclsaac 20044
12 Peter Vlahos 20046
Student Success Todd Damery 20043
Office Staff Extension
Hayat Farah 20041
Soula Sourasis 20040

Office Location and Hours:

The Guidance office is located on the main floor next to the Main Office.  Our office hours are Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 

Students are welcome to drop by anytime for counselling; however, if students require timetable or course selection support please do so before or after school, during lunch or study period.  Parents/guardians are encouraged to book an appointment with reception if wanting to meet with our counsellors.