Parents/ Guardians

Parents/ Guardians

Resources to support your child: 

Parents and guardians play a vital role in their children's education and they are instrumental in helping their children achieve success. Here are some resources published by the TDSB to help ensure your child's success:

Steps to Address Concerns and Questions You May Have:

Marc Garneau Collegiate wants to hear your questions and concerns, and makes every effort to address them as quickly as possible.  Below is the best way to talk to us and who you should reach out to and when. 

In any situation, the classroom teacher is the first point of contact, followed by the school’s principal or vice-principal, the school superintendent and your Trustee. 

Image of Step 1 Classroom Teacher

Image of Step 2 School Principal or Vice-Principal

Image of Step 3 School Superintendent

Image of Step 4 Trustee