IB DP Curriculum


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At Parkdale, we have a variety of options for our students, with choices in nearly every group, which prepares students for any post-secondary pathway they choose.

IB Diploma Programme

The IB Diploma Programme is an academically challenging and balanced program of education with final examinations that prepares students for success at university and in life beyond academia.

Requirements of the IB Diploma Programme:

3 Core Requirements:

6 courses, studied over 2 years (Grade 11 and 12)

  • 3 at the Standard Level (approx. 150 hours each)
  • 3 at the Higher Level (approx. 240 hours each)


Students must study one course in each of the 6 subject groups; however, a student may take a second Group 4 subject instead of a Group 6 subject.

Core Requirements

I.B. Courses offered at Parkdale Collegiate Institute in the 6 Subject Groups:

Group 1 - Studies in Language and Literature  English HL
Group 2 - Language Acquisition French B SL or Spanish Ab Initio SL
Group 3 - Individuals and Societies Psychology HL or History HL 
Group 4 - Sciences Chemistry HL and/or Biology SL 
Group 5 - Mathematics Analysis and Approaches Mathematics SL or Mathematical Studies SL
Group 6 - Arts and Electives Film HL

All IB Diploma Programme Courses (DP Courses) are now available to Academic students

Students at Parkdale C.I. who are not currently in the IB Programme or PreBaccalaureate Programme are now able to take 1 or 2 I.B. D.P. Courses during their Gr.11 and Gr.12 years. This can be in any subject that is offered here at Parkdale C. I.

How do DP Courses work?
All I.B. courses are 2-year courses that start in Gr.11 and finish in Gr.12. They are externally-assessed by I.B., meaning that much of your work, exams, etc. is sent to I.B. to be marked by others. By taking a D.P. Course, you become an I.B. student for that class and must satisfy all the expectations of that D.P. Course as any other I.B. student would. You must still have the standard prerequisites as listed in the Choices Handbook.

Why would I take DP Courses?
• D.P. Courses tend to go at a faster pace than non-I.B. courses and have tougher assessment requirements
• Standardized assessments teach students to write focused and precise answers geared towards specific assessment criteria.
Students who take HL D.P. Courses are eligible for transfer credits from universities
• I.B. exams/summative assessments are weighted heavily, which is good practice for post-secondary education

How do I sign up for DP Courses?
1. You must have at least mid 80s in the prerequisite for the DP course you wish to take
2. Obtain a “Request for Course Placement without the Prerequisite” form from the IB Coordinator and have it filled out by:
a. Your parents
b. I.B. Coordinator
c. Current subject teacher
d. I.B. Subject teacher
3. Select the I.B. course code(s) yourself on MyBlueprint during Course Selection