Apply to Parkdale CI's International Baccalaureate Program

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Grade 8 students who are interested in applying to our I.B. Programme must apply through Optional Attendance in January. We are looking for highly academic and self-motivated students who take responsibility for their own learning. Inquiring students who are looking for a challenge are encouraged to apply. 

Grade 8 students and parents are invited to attend our Open House for an in-depth look into our I.B. Programme and a chance to meet some of our I.B. staff and students.

  2020  IB  Application  Process

We have  simplified  the  application  process  for  the  2021/2022  school  year.  The  link  below will  take you  to an online centralized  IB  application  document.  Please choose Parkdale Collegiate  as  your  Pre-Baccalaureate school  and  then  proceed  to  complete  the entire application.  You  will  need  to  upload  ALL  of  the required  documents  in order  to  send  the application.  We   look  forward  to  receiving  your  information  by January 8th.

IB Application - Google Form