Apply to Parkdale CI's International Baccalaureate Program

Application process photo

Grade 8 students who are interested in applying to our I.B. Programme must apply through Optional Attendance in January. We are looking for highly academic and self-motivated students who take responsibility for their own learning. Inquiring students who are looking for a challenge are encouraged to apply. 

Grade 8 students and parents are invited to attend our Open House for an in-depth look into our I.B. Programme and a chance to meet some of our I.B. staff and students.

Please read, print and complete the package below:

PreBac IB 2020 Application Package 

Students applying to the Parkdale I.B. Program are expected to be competent problem solvers in the following streams:

Number Sense and Numeration: representing and ordering rational numbers; representing numbers using exponential notation; solving multi-step problems involving whole numbers and decimals; multiplying and dividing fractions and integers; multiplying and dividing decimals by powers of ten; applying order of operations in expressions with brackets and exponents; solving problems involving percents to one decimal place and percents greater than 100; solving problems involving rates and proportions

Measurement: converting between cubic centimetres and cubic metres and between millilitres and cubic centimetres; developing circumference and area relationships for a circle; developing and applying the formula for the volume of a cylinder; determining and applying surface-area relationships for cylinders

Geometry and Spatial Sense: sorting quadrilaterals by geometric properties involving diagonals; constructing circles; investigating relationships among similar shapes; determining and applying angle relationships for parallel and intersecting lines; relating the numbers of faces, edges, and vertices of a polyhedron; determining and applying the Pythagorean relationship geometrically; plotting the image of a point on the coordinate plane after applying a transformation

Patterning and Algebra: representing the general term in a linear sequence, using one or more algebraic expressions; translating statements, using algebraic equations; finding the term number in a pattern algebraically when given any term; solving linear equations involving one variable terms with integer solutions using a “balance” model

Data Management and Probability: collecting categorical, discrete, and continuous data; organizing data into intervals; displaying data using histograms and scatter plots; using measures of central tendency to compare sets of data; comparing two attributes using data management tools; comparing experimental and theoretical probabilities; calculating the probability of complementary events

The mathematical assessment will be half an hour in length, and is made up of ten multiple choice and one long answer question based on the grade eight mathematics curricular strands.

IB Mathematics Assessment Sample 2020

All required documents must be submitted on or before Entrance Assessment Day.

Entrance Assessment days are as follow;

  • Thursday, January 9th, 2020  3:30pm: For students with Last Names A-L
  • Friday, January 10th, 2020  3:30pm: For students with Last Names M-Z