PreBaccalaureate Program

PreBaccalaureate Programme

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The purpose of the PreBaccalaureate Program is to prepare students for the IB Diploma Program and ease the transition between grade 10 and grade 11. It is an accelerated program of study that covers more material more quickly than our Academic pathway. The purpose is to emphasize the pace of study and focus on writing and thinking skills necessary for success in the IB Diploma Programme. PreBac teachers work with IB teachers to create grade 9 and grade 10 courses that have additional learning and IB-related tasks. No IB assessments are done in Grades 9-10, but students are introduced to them by way of mini-assignments, labs, experiments, essays, etc.

PreBaccalaureate Programme - Grade 9 (8 Credits)

English ENG1D3 
French FSF1D3
Canadian Geography  CGC1D3
Science SNC1D3
Math MPM1D3
Introduction to Business/
Green Industries
BBI 101, THJ 2O
 Art, Drama or Music NAC 1O1, ADA1O1, or AMI 102/202
Healthy Active Living PPL1OM/F


 PreBaccalaureate Programme - Grade 10 (8 Credits) 

English   ENG2D3
French or Spanish FSF2D3 or LWSBD3
Canadian History CHC2D3
Science SNC2D3
Math MPM2D and MCR3U3
Media Arts AWS3M3
*Civics and Careers CHV203 and GLC203
Other Available Electives  

*Students who complete their Civics/Careers in the summer must choose another Grade 10 elective course.

In Grade 10, particular emphasis is placed on Math, which is taken throughout the entire year. Students who choose to take Civics/Careers in the summer, will be required to take an additional Grade 10 elective course.  By the end of Gr 10, students will have 16 credits to their record.