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Me to WE Club

In February, St.Margaret’s started a brand new club, the Me to We club, to work together with the international ME to WE Charity Group, also known as WE.

In our first meeting, our club hosted a motivational keynote speaker, Mark Quattrocchi. Mark Quattrocchi is well known for riding his bicycle around all 7 continents in the span of 2 years. He is also a part of the Me to We global organization. After listening to his speech about how he built five schools in developing countries on his bicycle journey, we felt inspired. He helped us realize how different it is to live in other countries and how lucky we are to live in Canada. After his presentation, he led a hands-on workshop to help us think of the possible ways we, at St. Margaret’s, might be able to make a positive impact in our world.

One of the important injustices we learned about was how hard it was for some people to get water, something we take for granted in Canada. For example, in many countries in Africa such as Sudan, women and girls have to walk sometimes 3 hours to collect water for their family to use for cooking and cleaning and often the water isn’t even clean. We learned that the girls can’t go to school because their whole day is spent walking to collect water, every day. So, our club decided this was an issue that we are passionate about. We are working hard this month and next month to plan a “We Walk for Water” day to bring awareness to the lack of access to clean water in countries around the world, even in reserves around Canada where many Indigenous people live. Stay tuned for more information.

We Walk for Water campaign

About the WE global charity

The WE charity was started by Craig Kielburger, a 12-year-old boy at the time, along with his friends because they wanted to make a positive difference in the injustices across the globe. Now it has become an international charity that partners with communities around the world to equip families with the tools and skills to lift themselves out of poverty through a sustainable development model, not just by giving donations. We are excited to work with WE charity to help make the world a better place for everyone.

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