Windfields JHS Code of Conduct

Windfields JHS Code of Conduct

Windfields has long been proud of its reputation in the community and of the academic excellence of its students. To ensure a safe, dynamic, and inclusive school climate, certain policies and procedures have been established. Our vision is to engage our students while nurturing their academic, athletic, artistic, and social-emotional well-being.

1. Respect & Self-Discipline

We support the diverse nature of our community and expect all students to be respectful to teachers, peers and others. Windfields has a strict “hands-free” policy, which calls for all students to refrain from touching other students, play-fighting, rough-housing, etc. Additionally, students are required to moderate their language, honour the rights of others, and respect the school’s property and that of others.

2. Attendance

Students are responsible for attending school regularly and punctually. When a student is going to be absent from school a parent/guardian must phone BARS (Before Absence Reporting System) at 416-395-3107. Upon returning from an absence, students must bring a note from their parent/guardian stating the reason for the absence.

3. Morning Entry

The front doors will be unlocked at 8:45 a.m. for student entry. Students may go to their lockers after the 8:45 a.m. bell has sounded and then proceed to their first period class. Other entrances may only be used in an emergency.

4. Punctuality

Classes begin at 9:00 a.m. with the playing of the National Anthem. If a student arrives after
9:00 a.m., they must sign in at the main office. If late after lunch, students must report directly to the office. Students will be required to make up time missed. A parent/guardian will be contacted if problems with punctuality persist. Students must also arrive at each class with all necessary materials and equipment.

5. Breaks

Two ten minute breaks will occur each day: the morning break will occur after period one with the afternoon break occurring after period six. Students may visit washrooms and lockers at this time. Students may bring and eat a nutritional snack from home or purchase one in the cafeteria servery (available during morning break only). All food/drinks must be consumed in the cafetorium; food/drinks are not permitted in the halls, classrooms, or outside at any time.

6. Sign-In/Sign-Out Routines

A) If it is necessary for students to leave school during the day, they must:
• bring a note signed by their parent/guardian stating the time and reason for leaving
• show the note to their subject teacher at the appropriate time in order to be excused from class
• take the note to the office to sign out
B) If students arrive at school after 9:00 a.m., they must:
• bring a note signed by their parent/guardian to the office
• obtain an admit slip and present it to their teacher(s)
Parent/guardians should note that:
• It is distracting when student learning is interrupted for student dismissal
• Students who forget notes will not be excused from school unless a parent/guardian
can be contacted to verify the absence

7. Lunch

Students may either go home for lunch--if time permits--or stay at school to eat in the cafetorium. Lunches may be brought from home or purchased from the servery. All food must be eaten in the cafetorium.

Students are encouraged to “Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle”. Students must dispose of garbage, compost,
and recyclables in the proper manner.


Students may visit their lockers at the beginning of lunch only, and are to come to the cafetorium
prepared to go outside once they finish eating. Hooks for coats are provided outside the cafetorium.
Coats/bags are not allowed in the servery. Students are not permitted to take food outside.

Visits to the washrooms and drinking fountains must be completed in the first half hour of the lunch period. At the end of 30 minutes, all students are expected to be outside and to stay outside until the bell rings. It is expected that all students wear clothing appropriate for daily weather conditions. To ensure that classes are not disturbed, students are neither allowed to visit their lockers during the lunch period nor are they allowed on the second or third floors.
During severe weather: students will not be required to leave the building. Students are to bring work, quiet games or reading materials to occupy themselves.
The washrooms opposite the gymnasium are the only washrooms to be used by students during the lunch hour.

8. Safe Play in the School Yard

Students are not allowed to leave school property at any time unless under the direct supervision of a teacher or with the written permission of their parent/guardian.
Student safety is always our first priority. While students are encouraged to be active during their time outside, they must ensure that all activity is safe for themselves and others. Basketball and soccer games may be organized in appropriate areas only. Games that involve physical contact are not allowed. We maintain a hands-off policy at all times at Windfields. Skateboards and bicycles are not to be used on school property and may not be used at lunch time. Students should follow the instructions of school staff including lunchroom supervisors at all times. Snowballs can cause serious injury and are not permitted. Concerns about unsafe play will be addressed by the administration.

9. Locks and Lockers

All locks must be combination locks and the combinations must be on file in the school office. Students may visit their lockers before school, during breaks, at the start and end of the lunch period, and after school. Students are not to visit their lockers between classes. Although there are periodic locker clean-outs, students are responsible for keeping lockers clean and tidy at all times. Lockers remain the property of the school and may be accessed by school administration for reasons of school safety. All lockers must be emptied completely by the last school day in June.

Students are expected to take the following steps to ensure the security of their locker:
• Make sure locks are tightly closed
• Keep combinations private!
• Do not bring valuable items to school

Any student who removes the lock and/or any item from another student’s locker has violated the rights of another student and may face disciplinary consequences.

10. Cellular Phones and Personal Electronic Devices

While Windfields is a “device positive” environment, students must respect the direction and discretion of their teachers; students are to use personal devices only when invited to by teachers. Students must manage screen time and conduct responsibly. Any misuse of devices will be dealt with by the main office and may result in the suspension or loss of Board on-line/electronic privileges and/or police involvement.

11. Lost and Found

Lost clothing is kept in the hall outside the cafeteria, and lost valuables are kept in a secure area in the office. Students are asked to put their names on all personal items so that lost articles can be returned to their owners. It is recommended that students not bring valuable articles to school, and students must never leave valuables in their lockers or in the gymnasium changing rooms.

12. Visitors/Trespassers

We do not allow students from other schools to join classes or visit teachers during school hours. All visitors must report to the main office. Anyone in the school who does not belong will be considered a trespasser and police may be called.

13. Field Trips

Students are required to bring signed permission forms from home for trips that involve travelling off school property. Hand written notes from parents/guardians are not accepted.

14. Library

The Library is open daily for student use. Students are reminded to bring their student card with them in order to borrow materials. There is a two week sign-out period, after which items may be renewed. Students wishing to use the library at lunch need to sign up at break.

15. Computers

Many classrooms are equipped with computers, and there are two computer labs. The use of Internet-equipped computers and iPads is contingent upon students and their parent/guardian reading and signing the Code of Online Conduct as well as the “Windfields Student Computer Lab Rules” provided for them at the beginning of the school year. Students must not share passwords/logins and may only use their assigned computers/iPads. The main office does not provide printing for students.

16. Community Relations

We strive to maintain good relations with our neighbours. Students are to respect our neighbours and their property.

17. Extra Help

Students who are experiencing difficulty in any subject should immediately seek extra help. All teachers are available for extra help when needed. After-school tutoring sessions will also be available through teacher and peer support. York Mills tutors are here on Wednesday afternoons, after school.

18. Support Services

In addition to classroom teachers, the following people may be accessed for further assistance: student’s home form teacher, the guidance counsellor, special education teacher, library resource teacher, student success teachers, school administrators, and peer tutors. Service may also be provided by the school psychologist or social worker.

19. Co-Curricular Activities

Participation in co-curricular activities provides opportunities for students to have fun, make new friends, learn or improve skills and develop responsibility. A wide variety of activities is offered to meet our students’ diverse interests and skills, including clubs, student leadership opportunities, intramurals and inter-school athletics.

20. Posters

Any posters placed onto the walls of the school to advertise an event must be approved by a staff member and be removed as soon as the advertised event has ended.

21. Behaviour at Assemblies and Performances

All students are expected to behave in a respectful manner during assemblies.

22. Backpacks

Backpacks are not permitted in classrooms; backpacks must stay in student lockers.

23. Smoking/Electronic Cigarettes (“Vapes”)

All smoking is banned on all TDSB properties. Electronic cigarettes (“Vapes”) are not allowed on school property.