Registering at Windfields

Dear Parent or Guardian,

We are delighted to welcome you and your child to Windfields Junior High School!

If you have moved into our neighbourhood and wish to determine if Windfields is your child’s school, detailed information can be found here.

If Windfields is your child’s school, you will need to come to our main office to register.  Please bring with you:

  • Documents establishing proof of age (e.g. birth certificate, Canadian passport).
  • Documents establishing residency status in Canada (if not born in Canada).
  • Health/OHIP information card.
  • Record of immunization.
  • Custodial or guardianship documents (if applicable).
  • Most recent report card, and any other pertinent school documents.
  • Completed registration forms (available in our main office).
  • Documentation to show proof of address.
    • Please note: we cannot accept a driver’s licence or cell phone bill as proof of address.  In certain circumstances, additional information may be required.

Additional information about school registration can be found here.


A)   REGULAR PROGRAM (non French Immersion)

If your child is currently attending the ‘regular program’ at one of our feeder schools (* Denlow, Dunlace, Harrison, * Rippleton), your child will automatically be registered at Windfields.  However, because Windfields is closed to regular program Optional Attendance for the 2011/2012 school year, you will need to apply to your local home school for admission if:

  • Your family has at some point moved to a new address outside Windfields’ feeder school boundaries.
  • Your child currently attends one Windfields’ regular program feeder schools on Optional Attendance.

Detailed information about school boundaries can be found here.

* not all Denlow/Rippleton students automatically feed into Windfields.


If your child is currently attending one of our ‘Early French Immersion Program’ feeder schools (Broadlands, Dunlace, Owen), your child will automatically be registered at Windfields.

Please note:

  • Students in Early French Immersion remain on a pathway until grade 12.  If the student moves to a different address, the student remains on the pathway of the school they are attending.  Thus, any student currently attending Early French Immersion at Broadlands PS, Dunlace PS or Owen PS will automatically be admitted to Windfields, regardless of address.
  • If a student on an Early French Immersion pathway moves out of area, they may choose to attend an Early French Immersion school closer to their new home, or remain in their current school/pathway.  If they choose to remain in their current school/pathway, they should complete an Optional Attendance form (for school record purposes).  In this case, while the student will be permitted to remain in their current school, they will not be eligible to receive TTC tickets.

For more information, please contact Windfields at 416-395-3100.