Student Success

Getting organized
Using a student planner every class is a great way to stay organized.  Here are some ways you can use your planner:

  • Recording important dates
  • Daily assignments and homework
  • Record upcoming quizzes and tests
  • Record important deadlines for projects and essays
  • Keep track of before and after school activities
  • Special events

Organization Tips
  • Find a comfortable and quiet work area with all the necessary materials
  • Notebooks and binder should be organized with dividers
  • Use reinforcers to ensure that loose pages don't fall out
  • Use labels to identify subjects
  • Find a friend from your class to call/email if you are away to keep up with the work

Time Management Tips

  • Develop routines to help you use your time wisely to balance your time between school, family and leisure
  • Make weekly schedule, including all extra-curricular activities, appointments, and school work