How Nature Works

It’s a big challenge to provide students with an understanding of how nature works, and how we can live within its limits. Nature is the last area of study that we would like to reduce to a formula, yet unless we find simple ways to break down the basic concepts, we will not be able to integrate and deepen our students’ and our own knowledge.

Ecological Principles

(as adapted from the Centre of Ecological Literacy)


Ecosystems depend on Earth’s resources, which are constantly cycling and never depleting.


All life changes over time.


The flow of energy from the Sun sustains every living thing.


All living things are interconnected for survival.

NestedNested Systems

Each nature system is both a whole and a part of something larger.

Dynamic BalanceDynamic Balance

Life systems fluctuations are held in balance by other life systems fluctuations. Life natural systems continually fluctuate and accommodate for one another in order to maintain balance within its community.