Winter in the Woodlot

Time of Year: Winter

Have you ever had a chickadee eat out of your hand or heard the soft gentle sounds of tiny fluttering wings? Investigate the characteristics of winter birds to gain a greater appreciation of our feathered friends and how they adapt to their environment. In this activity, students will have an opportunity to make their own pinecone bird feeders and with luck and patience, they may have chickadees eat sunflower seeds out of their hands. In the afternoon, students will have the opportunity to see how other animals adapt to the winter conditions at EFSC by taking a walk through our woodlot and discovering the variety of homes and structures that animals build for their families. If time permits, students may have the opportunity to build their own animal homes out of found materials in nature.

Note that if the weather permits, snowshoes may be used for the hike, providing we have enough adults for appropriate supervision ratios.


Science and Technology - Understanding Life Systems: Needs and Characteristics of Living Things

Post Visit Resource - Winter Birds