Early Settlers / Pioneer Cemetery

Time of Year: Fall and Spring

Who were the early settlers of Claireville? Where did they come from? What difficulties did they face? Participate in a variety of activities that reflect the early settler's tasks and routines needed to survive in the wilderness of Claireville. Learn about early settler families in Upper Canada, where they came from and why they left their country of origin. In the afternoon, we will study the historical burial grounds of the Hilltop Gore Cemetery to gain insights into the background and development of early Peel County. Compare families of today to family life in the early 1800’s from information recorded on these historical markers. In depth information on the families buried at Hilltop is available for follow up activities at the school.

Please note that the cemetery visit is weather dependent.


Social Studies - Heritage and Identity: Communities in Canada, 1780 - 1850
Social Studies - People and Environments: Living and Working in Ontario