Time of Year: Fall and Spring

What is really going on under the ground? Soil is not just dirt but a rich source of life and nourishment for every plant and animal you can think of! Dig into this underground universe to get a first hand look at the components of soil and meet the tiny, but helpful, residents. Then further develop your understanding of ecosystems by exploring what plants eat. How is a plant like a food factory? How do plants protect themselves? Learn the answers to these and other questions by seeing, touching, and smelling a wide variety of plants. Investigate and identify local plants of both forests and fields, ranging from trees to mosses, mushrooms to wildflowers. Learn about the importance of plants as sources of oxygen, food and shelter and the need for humans to protect plants and their habitats.


Science and Technology - Understanding Earth and Space Systems: Soils in the Environment
Science and Technology - Understanding Life Systems: Growth and Changes in Plants

Post Visit Resource - Leaf Learning
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