Digging Into the Past and Present

Time of Year: All Year

Learn about three of Ontario’s distinct First Nations by finding real objects that represent some of the items found through Archeology digs throughout the province. Use your hunting, gathering and map skills to uncover the hidden objects. Identify, interpret and analyze your findings to create a profile of the people who used the items you discovered.

Afternoon: Please choose one of the following programs, which will build on and apply the knowledge gained from the morning’s activity. NOTE: For registration purposes, you will choose Digging Into the Past and Present as your Full Day Program - please indicate in the Teacher Notes section which afternoon program you would like to combine it with.


Archery (this is weather dependent/seasonal), Lacrosse (modified), Traditional Ecological Knowledge - Tree ID, Traditional Games, Maple Syrup (seasonal).

• Social Studies - Heritage and Identity: First Nations and Europeans in New France and Early Canada
• Health and Physical Education - Living Skills: Active Living